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What Our Patients Are Saying

"After the first visit my back pain was gone and my overall well being had returned. I have been a client now for over two years. For me acupuncture covers it all: mind, body, and spirit. Each session builds upon the preceding one and flows into every aspect of your life."

- Susie S.

"Since my first acupuncture session with John several months ago, I have actually experienced pain-free days for the first time in more than a year. I can still hardly believe it."

- Jim O.

"I had been suffering from GERD for years and nothing seemed to help, not even repeated visits my Gastroenterologist. A good friend of mine convinced me to pay John a visit. I am so glad I did. No more bloating or gas! I cannot believe how great I feel. Thank You!!!"

- Jerry C.

"After years of pain from a bicycling accident and no results from multiple doctors, I am thrilled that my pain is finally lessening. For years I have had mobility problems especially climbing stairs. Without surgery or drugs, John has reduced the pain so much that I only notice it a few times per week versus all day, every day. Physical tasks which were difficult and painful have become easier and pain-free.

- Theresa C.

male doll"More than a decade after my doctor said I was finished with menopause I continued to get night sweats and hot flashes. I was constantly taking layers of clothing off, turning up the air conditioner and fanning myself. In less than two months my hot flashes are down to only a few per day and my night sweats just a few times per week. John has given me hope that I'll get past this uncomfortable stage in my life."

- Estrella W.

"My migraine headaches were debilitating. I went to my MD and told him I wanted to find out what was causing my headaches so I could prevent them once and for all. Apparently he had is own agenda because he handed me a bag of 10+ drug samples and told me to take them until I found one that worked. I immediately threw away the bag of drugs and made an appointment with John. John asked about my diet, sleep habits, and stress levels. I had a few acupuncture treatments and took some Chinese herbs. It’s been two years since my last migraine and I couldn't be happier."

- Kathryn M.

"John is very friendly, and knowledgeable. You feel welcome and he actually wants to help heal people. His high quality herbal supplements are a great replacement to western medicine prescriptions. I was skeptical at first but after giving them a try, they actually work, and have no side effects. His acupuncture has been precise and generally painless. He uses different needle densities for specific points so it’s easier to relax, and I rarely feel them go in. It has been overall a great experience. I will continue on a regular basis to maintain the great feeling of health and mental clarity."

- Ken L.



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We are pleased to offer a variety of treatments including Acupuncture, Traditional Chinese Medicine,
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